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A brief description

Plus Design Solutions * started in 2014 as a response to the need in the market of an external design team that could take accountability for other companies' product development, by providing services such as 3D modelling, product engineering, technical drawings and rendering.

After 3 years working with clients in USA and Colombia, we saw the potential to provide Integrated Product Design solutions. We continue to deliver design engineering services while we expanded our portfolio to a whole range of product design, development, design thinking and product innovation services.

Our team is integrated by a mix of design and engineering experts who continuously explore and work hard to provide creative, innovative, functional and quality products.

We reach for the stars and we believe in design as a mean for change and for a better world.

Alejandra García Restrepo
Engineering Lead


Product Design Engineer especialized in Furniture Design. She has more than 10 years of experience in product development, design for manufacture, product re-design. She is the founder of Plus Design Solutions and is highly skilled in CAD/CAE and rendering.

Julián Zapata Mejía
Design Lead


Product Designer. He has a wide experience in product design and development and has taken part in multiple design projects in Colombia, USA and The Netherlands. He is the lead of design of our team and is very keen for creativity tools and  innovation management.

Simón Gonzalez
Design Engineer


Product Design Engineer. He has 6 years of experience in interior design, furniture, and 3D printing. He focuses in the development stage of the process and is higly skilled in the use CAD/CAE tools, 3D Visualization Software and rapid prototyping technology.

Product Engineering

This is our original business unit. We develop a careful CAD modelling process for product development, in which we integrate concept design with technical feasibility to reach manufacture while keeping products cost effective.

Concept Design

Based on our client's product strategy, we transform consumer insights into concepts that are later developed into solutions as innovative products or systems.

Product Strategy

By understanding market's needs and our clients' businesses and strategies, we provide support in the development of a product portfolio that is aligned to them as well as we provide the input for a concept design.

Creative Design

We leverage our knowledge and experience to adopt and adapt creativity tools and innovation methods for product design. We work around ideas, to nurture them and transform them into great products.

Product Development

We continue to leverage our experience in product development, technical feasibility analysis and product design specifications.


We take advantage of our knowledge and expertise using CAD/CAE technology for product design optimization.

Who we are
Plus Design Solutions is a design team composed by designers and engineers who continuously work to develop creative, functional, innovative products for our clients.


– Concept Design
– Design Engineering
– Product Strategy