We are your
Remote Team

we are an engineering, design and product
development team

Who we are

We are Plus Design Solutions, a remote design and engineering team that supports manufacturing companies and startups in all stages of design and development of their products. Our mission is to adapt to those ideas and needs of our clients that best lead to focus their resources on the strategic growth of their companies. Considering our clients as strategic allies, leads us to develop a work methodology that is worthy of their trust and adaptable to their requirements.

We are designers, engineers,
product lovers and creative developers.


How we work?

We have a remote work methodology successfully tested for over 5 years in different types of industry, a methodology that allows us to meet all design stages or only those needed by the company. We gather the talent and experience required to offer excellent support in the processes of: design conceptualization, design for manufacturing and assembly, detailed drawings for production, materials analysis, and 3D modeling. Our support ranges from the conceptualization of the idea to the launch of the product.