We are your
Remote Team

we are an engineering, design and product
development team

We are your remote team

Remote work is becoming a fundamental business strategy to help companies and entrepreneurs increase their capabilities and be more competitive in a current market that is in a constant search for agile, effective and competitive solutions. We have established this methodology to help increase the capabilities of a company, reduce their operating costs and provide new approaches to the development and design of their products.

Why choose us as the extension of your design team?

Quality Improvement


Cost Reduction

Increase competitiveness and efficiency

Support to your
in-house team

We are designers, engineers,
product lovers and creative developers.


How we work?

We have a remote work methodology successfully tested for over 5 years in different types of industry, a methodology that allows us to meet all design stages or only those needed by the company. We gather the talent and experience required to offer excellent support in the processes of: design conceptualization, design for manufacturing and assembly, detailed drawings for production, materials analysis, and 3D modeling. Our support ranges from the conceptualization of the idea to the launch of the product.