We create,

we engineer,

we develop.

Concept Design

Design and Conceptualization

We create design concepts that meet the requirements and specifications strategically raised by the customer and our design team. We begin the process with a precise product reference to evaluate new formal and functional references that serve as triggers for the development of the idea. We mainly seek to approach the product from different perspectives to achieve new results.

Concept exploration

Formal and functional referencing

Compliance with customer requirements

User-centered design and its context of use

Product Design Imagen

Product Development

We focus on developing products that are adapted to the client’s productive and technological capabilities. For this, we make a previous evaluation of the manufacturing processes and materials applied in its current production line. Our main interest is to offer a product that meets the requirements of use, and that its production method together with the materials used, are in accordance with the capabilities and commercial strategy of the customer.

Product engineering

Adaptability of the design to the production process

Finite element analysis

2D and 3D testing

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawings

More than 10 years of experience in developing technical drawings for the furniture industry, has given us the knowledge to offer effective support in the development of 3D and 2D models ready for production. We have designed a work methodology that allows us to accompany the production process from the perspective of 2D documentation for production and assembly, updating and verification of 3D models.

Development of technical drawings

Documentation for production

Verification and update of 3D models

Design optimization

Our services are dynamic and adapt to the specific needs of each project. We can handle them as independent modules or as a global project. We are an extension of your design team!